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Moving to a new land!


Yes, we have moved. To another city, to another country. Yes, we were really afraid.

How many times I have read my own blog pos...

Never-ending inspiration


When we travel – we’ve got interested, informed and… inspired. By the people, by the views, by the problems, by the...

Civil March For Aleppo: Bridge made out of our feet


On the peace march learned a lot about the conflict. It’s an important and very sad lesson.

Hanna and Mila came back from...

A Little Heaven: Saint Marie Island, Madagascar


One of “the” most beautiful touristic spots of Madagascar is the island St. Marie at the east coast. If every touristic pl...

How to stay over on a trip?


Our last 6 years we spend on hundreds of trips and we spend almost every night somewhere else. Where and how do we sleep? We share our...

Whale watching in Madagascar (St. Marie)


What is the most impressive thing you have ever seen? Now we know!

30 to 50 tons! Twice bigger than your boat! Just his h...

East Coast of Madagascar


Greener and even more challenging roads – that’s the difference between west Madagascar and east. I think in this post I w...

Sleeping at the Alley of Baobabs


Almost everybody knows where is Madagascar. And almost everybody knows the postcard-ish view from the west coast of Madagascar: seriou...

Famadihana – our new favourite way of dealing with dead


Happening when? From July to September. Where? In the highlands, south from the capital of Madagascar. What? „Turning the bones&...

9th world’s poorest country: Madagascar


Just imagine a city a size of Berlin. And that only 10% of the people have access to the water. Just imagine tiny kids, who have just ...

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