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After several years of forced face mask fascism, the Big Apple is switching sides and becoming a mask-free zone in order to fight crime.

Mayor Eric Adams told local businesses in New York City this week that they should consider banning face masks upon entry in order to stop criminals from concealing their identity before committing a crime.

Mask wearing in public, government officials now admit, has made it easier than ever for criminals to get away with all sorts of crimes because nobody can tell who they are either in person or on CCTV surveillance.

“We are putting out a clear call to all of our shops, do not allow people to enter the store without taking off their face mask,” Adams said in a recent radio interview with 1010 WINS.

“And then once they’re inside, they can continue to wear if they so desire to do so. But we need to use the technology we have available to identify those shoplifters and those who are committing serious crimes.”

(Related: Last summer, Adams told New Yorkers to “pack a bag” and brace for an impending nuclear holocaust.)

NYC Police Chief Jeffrey Maddrey says requiring unmasking as a “condition of entry” will help stop escalating violent crime

Adams is hardly alone in issuing a plea for New York business owners to require that customers remove the mask before entering. New York City Police Chief Jeffrey Maddrey agrees.

At a February 28 press conference, Maddrey addressed a recent jewelry store robbery in which police say a 78-year-old shop worker was brutally beaten by several suspects, one of whom was wearing a Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) face veil at the time of the crime.


Maddrey says local stores can avoid these types of crimes by requiring that the mask comes off as a “condition of entry.”

“The NYPD is here to work with our businesses, but I have to ask our businesses to be just as proactive as well,” Maddrey said. “We’re seeing far too often where people are coming up to our businesses, sometimes with masks, sometimes with masks, hoods, and latex gloves … and then we have a robbery or some kind of property being stolen.”

Watch the video below from NYPD News:

In many ways, unmasking could serve as a “peace offering” to workers, Maddrey further said.

“As a sign of a peace offering, a sign of safety to those store workers, when we walk in, we should take down our masks,” he explained. “We should let them know that they’re not in any danger, any harm – that we’re customers.”

At least three other robberies occurred recently in which the suspect(s) were masked at the time of the crime. In one of the cases, a 67-year-old bodega worker was murdered by a masked assailant.

“I mean at the end of the day if you don’t have nothing to hide, [it’s] just doing what they’re asking you to do for the safety of others,” said Nestor Osiris, a resident of the Bronx, about the New York City government’s efforts to get people to stop masking for public safety.

In the comments, someone wrote the following verse about the state of our world with leftists in charge:

“Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask.
Defund the police, fund the police.
Have a brain, don’t have a brain.
Leftism at work.”

Another asked why New York City went two years “mask shaming” only to now call on people to not mask. It is all so confusing and clownish.

The latest news about left-wing lunacy can be found at Libtards.news.

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