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0% intro APR for balance transfer for 18 billing cycles — Transfers made within 60 days qualify for the 0% intro APR offer. You’ll be hard pressed to find a competing credit card that packs in such a long interest-free offer on both purchases and balance transfers. Most cards on the market give you one longer promo offer (either just for purchases or just for balance transfers) at the expense of the other.

0% intro APR for purchases for 18 billing cycles — 18 billing cycles is among the longest 0% intro purchase APRs, making it a lucrative pick to break up the cost of a big purchase into bite-sized monthly payments you can afford.

$0 annual fee — Rounding out BankAmericard® credit card’s collection of zeroes is the yearly cost to own the card.

No penalty APR — It’s common for credit card issuers to slap late-paying cardholders with a raised APR. This one says that a tardy remuneration won’t automatically hike a customer’s APR, so cardholders shouldn’t have a heart attack if they aren’t timely with a payment.

FICO® Score for free — An increasingly common perk in the credit card world, the FICO® Score for free is nevertheless a fine benefit BankAmericard® credit card holders will find useful. The score is updated every billing cycle, and can be accessed in the issuer’s online banking portal, or through its mobile app.

$0 liability guarantee — Bank of America helps to ensure that you (or your family/associates) will be the only entity shopping with the card. The issuer’s $0 liability guarantee covers fraudulent purchases made by bad guys using your digits.

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