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For author Ann Coulter, the border wall is going to solve every problem in the United States.

“The wall solves every problem in America,” she told “Timcast IRL” co-host Ian Crossland during a recent episode of the podcast hosted by Tim Pool. “Every single problem: race relations, poor people [and] bringing manufacturing back.”

“Everything gets easier when you solve immigration because you don’t have this. We don’t need an extra problem to deal with, and extra poor people we have to pay for.”

In response to Crossland’s question about cartels trafficking humans and drugs across the border, Coulter said it was “100 percent a function of not having a wall.” She cited liberal journalist Sam Quinones who wrote about the opioid crisis in the U.S. in his book “Dreamland.” According to her, Quinones was aware that methamphetamine came from a town in Mexico and cartels were in charge of trafficking it. (Related: Mexican drug cartel labs are smuggling mass quantities of meth into America.)

“He knows everything about the drug drama. It is not coming from China. It is meth being made in Mexico. Then the opium, it is all coming from Mexico,” Coulter stated.

According to Coulter – a popular syndicated columnist for outlets such as Breitbart and Daily Caller – the Chinese used to send the precursor chemicals for these drugs directly. But the method of delivery through packages were problematic and inefficient. She added that people need to be on the border – an operation run by many Mexicans and a few American collaborators – to get the drugs straight into the United States.


Coulter: Leftists are fine with 100K Americans dying annually from drugs

The author and columnist said on the podcast that “the crazy Left” is vehemently opposed to a border wall. She continued: “There is an element of the Left that just hates this country, and they are fine with Americans dying of opioids. They are fine with 100,000 Americans dying from drugs every year”

Pool commented that it is ironic that there are people who think the U.S. is evil and have no idea about what life outside of America is. “These people have no idea because they have never been to other nations,” he added.

Meanwhile, podcast co-host and reporter Hannah Claire Barlow brought up the issue of Mexico posing a threat to American lives. She said an invasion is justified.

Coulter responded by mentioning that an invasion is unnecessary had America took the border wall seriously. However, she pointed out that it should be done to take out the cartels – which certainly pose a more serious threat to America than Russia. Coulter lamented how America has spent a ton of money shipping aid to Ukraine, when this money should have been used to build the border wall.

Ultimately, the author and columnist told Barlow that the U.S. going into Mexico to take out the cartels can be done if the Mexicans cannot do it themselves. Coulter cited the example of former President George H.W. Bush, who sent American troops to Panama to oust its military leader Manuel Noriega.

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Watch Ann Coulter’s take on the U.S. border wall issue on “Timcast IRL.”

This video is from the GalacticStorm channel on Brighteon.com.

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